Santorini: I’ll never forget you

How many times have you found out to your dismay that tourist promotional photos are a big fat lie? The sky and ocean are not as blue, the flora not as lush and the city-scapes not as jazzy as they seemed in photos, all done up with Photoshop experts. If you are already grumbling inside of your own worse experiences, let Santorini silence you. Let it stun you, once for real, by its pristine bridal white nestled amidst the endless azure expanse of the South-east Aegean sea.


S-A-N-T-O-R-I-N-I. If it lilts your heart, you will find yourself absolutely, helplessly in love with the tiny island group (total 5) with the main island named Thira, which you can say, the land of many superlatives…the MOST photographed, the MOST romantic, the BEST sunset and so on.

Santorini: The golden red sunset light at Skaros.
The golden red sunset light at Skaros.
Santorini: The blue domes of the churches.
The blue domes of the churches.

“Bioclimatic” reasons have led the people of these Cycladic islands to paint their houses white. Alternative folklore says, it goes back to the time of the Ottoman occupation. Greeks were forbidden to fly their (blue and white) flag, so as an act of defiance they painted their houses blue and white.


Pink Bougainvillea bushes make a sharp and striking contrast with the white and blue backdrop and makes the bridal bouquet complete. The sun turns red twice a day, and paints the white countryside a rose-gold, white Catamaran cruises dot the calm blue sea and leave endless frothy trails.


The narrow winding alleyways in the village of Oia houses some of the best exotic restaurants where one can sip a Greek frappe and just moon away. The churches with blue domes against the breathtaking background makes you extremely interested in photography. Quaint little stores selling handicraft trinkets and memoirs, you can easily see, Santorini people are peace-loving and extremely warm. Explore the Caldera by a small boat, swim at the hot springs of Palea Kameni. Discover the black sand and Red Sand beaches true to their names. Watch the sunset at Skaros, hike a dirt path to top to find your heavenly romantic moment. Greece without a taste of the island life can never be complete. For a very budget-friendly detour to Santorini for your Greek itinerary click here.




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  1. Stunning Santorini ! Is there a more photogenic place on earth than Santorini? Loved the pics… very informative. ..

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